WE HAVE a bar & restaurant!


When moving to Frihamnen and expanding, we teamed up with some amazing people to be able to offer really good, organic food to go with our brews. The 'FARM' Restaurant & Bar, is a integral part of our new brewery, and it’s all about good, local, organic food and sustainability. Our friends and favourite organic farmers Mauritz & Agnes from Karshamra, just south of Stockholm, bring a wealth of top restaurant experience and are the perfect partners for us in this exciting enterprise.


Farmhouse & Production

This partnership also showcases our desire to make more of the ‘farmhouse’-style beers that we have already been making for some years and intend to make much more central to the future vision of the brewery. In our new space, we are looking forward to expanding the production of our oak-aged sour beers as well as experimenting with spontaneous fermentations and ageing in amphora (clay pots)...




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