Designed to be drinkable, balanced and flavourful. Often classic in style, yet with a modern feel.
We offer these beers all year around. 


Saison d'etre

One of our first beers, and one which set the tone of our approach to brewing. Classic in style and very drinkable, with Belgian yeast character, light body and a lingering bitterness.
5 %.

Artwork by: Marcus-Gunnar Petterson



Our go-to beer at the brewery after a hard days work. Heritage barley malt and modern German hops makes this beer crisp, light and thirst quenching.
5 %.


Sure shot

A fruity and aromatic Session IPA, that is easy to love. American hops gives tropical flavours that leads to a dry, balanced finish.
4,8 %.


stockholm lager

Classic pilsner style beer brewed with German ideals in mind. Heritage pilsner malt, Hallertauer hops, yeast and water in harmony. 5 %.

Artwork by: Marcus-Gunnar Petterson



Our take on this perennial classic. Balancing malt flavours with bitterness and fruity aromas from the American hops.
6 %.