We are moving. And expanding. After about 5 years in our basement location in Södermalm in Stockholm, it's time for us to move in to proper facilities equipped for growth. This will be in the developing Stockholm City Port site just behind Östermalm in Frihamnen, specifically one of the old warehouse sites.



When doing this, we've teamed up with some amazing people to be able to offer really good, organic food to go with our brews. The 'FARM' Restaurant & Bar, which will be part of our new brewery, is going to be all about good, local, organic food and sustainability. Our friends and favourite organic farmers Mauritz & Agnes at Karshamra, just south of Stockholm, bring a wealth of top restaurant experience and are the perfect partners for us in this exciting enterprise.


Farmhouse & Production

This partnership also showcases our desire to make more of the ‘farmhouse’-style beers that we have already been making for some years and intend to make much more central to the future vision of the brewery. In our new space, we are looking forward to expanding the production of our oak-aged sour beers as well as experimenting with spontaneous fermentations and ageing in amphora (clay pots).


New Toys

The funds we raise through our Kickstarter campaign will be dedicated to our specialty beer production. Initially we are buying 2 x foudres, which is just a fancy word for a big, oval oak barrel. These are about 30'000 SEK/each and will be the minimum investment we'll do with the help of your pledges. If we are able to excess the amount of 75'000 SEK, we will put it to use in building a coolship, buying some clay amphoras from Italy and planting fruit trees at the farm to put in the beer. The list of exciting things to come never ends!


Risks and challenges

When building a new brewery AND a restaurant there are always challenges. The timelime is crucial of course in us getting started. As this project is a collaboration with the Ports of Stockholm, who are letting us build a brewery in their old and culturally important building, we hope that most potential risks are already accounted for. But when re-building and old house like this, things can happen. Any unexpected extra costs will however not fall directly on us, which gives us good chances on making all of this happen.

We are super-excited about this challenge and psyched to finally be able to do what we want in terms of beer production. We hope you are to. And so we invite you to join us on our journey and get involved. We can’t wait to enjoy some delicious beers and some top-notch food with you soon!

If you have further questions or if you need press images or so, please do reach out.




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