special beers

One-offs and Seasonal beers - Here are the beers we brew with a totally open mind, often using seasonal and locally grown ingredients.


dark mild

An English dark mild, low in bitterness, with a mild roasted body and just a tiny bit dry-hopped to accent the fruityness of the beer. 4% 


fläder saison

A Saison with elderflower, peppery and dry from the French Saison yeast with a floral aroma from the elderflower. 6,2%




A Berliner Weisse style ale with elderflower, dry-hopped with Citra. 4,4%


Södermalm session 

A fruity and refreshing session IPA, hopped with Citra & Mosaic. 4,9%


stockholm gold

A light and crisp pale ale with fruity German and US hops. 4,2%




Hallon Sour

Tart, refreshing kettle sour with a generous addition of raspberries in secondary fermentation. Beautiful pink/red colour and huge raspberry aroma and flavor.
4,1 %.