special beers

One-offs, Collaborations and Seasonal Ingredients - Here are the beers we brew with a totally open mind. We often brew them together with our friends at other breweries or restaurants. 


Hallon Sour

Tart, refreshing kettle sour with a generous addition of raspberries in secondary fermentation. Beautiful pink/red colour and huge raspberry aroma and flavor. 4,1 %.


Fresh hop saison

A saison brewed with hops hand-picked by the brewers themself at Rosendals Trädgård. Refreshing, floral and herbal. 5,2 %.


Just the pips

Gose brewed together with our friends at Beerbliotek, using pomegranate, hibiscus, salt and coriander seeds. Tart, fruity and pink. 4,2 %


Stockholm noir

The 2016 release of our annual warming beer for the cold, dark winter. Dry and lovely roasted, with chocolate and red fruit. 7,7 %.


Birra nizza

Light pale ale heavily hopped with modern German aroma variety hops and Citra.  4,2 %.


Cask of darkness

Brewed using the traditional parti-gyle method to produce one strong and one weaker beer from a single mash. The Cask of Darkness is the little sibling of Stockholm Noir. It's roasted, chocolatey and dry. 3,7 %.


Råg Saison

A stronger saison brewed with unmalted organic Swedish rye. Light on the palette with a fresh hoppiness and some vinous notes. 6 %.



Inspired by a brewery trip to Belgium, this is a pale ale substantially hopped with modern German hop varieties and fermented with our house Belgian yeast strain. 4,5 %.