Week 24 - Hallon Sour to the people!

Good news y'all! We're releasing our favourite summer beer at Systembolaget on the 7th of July! Hallon Sour is a tart, refreshing kettle sour with a generous addition of organic raspberries in secondary fermentation. Beautiful pink/red color and huge raspberry aroma and flavor. Oh and did we mentioned that we use ALOT of raspberries in this one (like 70g/liter)? 


As you may or may not know we also have three of our core beers available at Systembolaget. Saison d'Etre (5%) is a classic Saison, light body, lingering bitterness and with a heavy Belgian yeast character. Hop Hound (4,7%), a light and refreshing session IPA, packed with our favourite citrus fruity American hops. And the IPA (6%), our first beer ever to make - English in style with an orange marmalade hop character and a pronounced malt flavour. A well balanced IPA designed to pair easily with food.  

Brewpub open this week from 17-21 and hopefully with an awesome foodtruck parked outside, more info on Instagram during the week. Next week (Midsommar) we're closed but open again on the 30th.