Week 19 - Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen

A big thanks to Pohjala Brewery and Tallin Craft Beer Weekend for a great festival. So nice to meet both old and new friends from so many great breweries around the world.  

New week and new adventures. On Thursday we're heading to Copenhagen for the Mikkeller Beer Celebration 2017. The Mikkeller Beer Week started yesterday and is taking places right now with lots of cool events and parties (check their schedule here). The Mikkeller Beer Celebration starts on Friday at 10.00 with the Yellow session and here follows a list of what we're bringing:

Friday 10-14, Yellow session: Barrel-aged Hallonsour and Oyster & Kombu Saison (Collab with BBNO)

Friday 16-20, Blue session: Hallonsour and Stockholm Noir

Saturday 10-14, Red session: Drop Coffee Sour and George Brett IPA (collab with Beavertown)

Saturday 16-20, Green session: Birra di Nizza and Nedward Flanders Red with Raspberries

But before we go to Copenhagen we're brewing something really awesome tomorrow with the guys from Jester King Brewery. More info coming up tomorrow on Instagram and FB.

Hope you all have a great week, I know we will!

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2017

Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2017