What a great start for Nedward and Saison de Brett the Elder at Systembolaget last Friday! Thanks to all of you who bought the beers. They sold out pretty fast in the webshop but there are still some bottles left in the wine specialist shops in Stockholm and Malmö. We're aiming to brew more of the Cellar Series beers. The brewers love to brew them and we love to drink them, it's as simple as that!

This week we're brewing a big batch of Coffee Sour, the beer we did a test batch of a few weeks ago. It's a kettle sour beer with lots of coffee both in the masch, in the boil and in the lagering tanks. We use a Bolivian coffee from Drop coffee called Rodriguez, with sweet floral ands citrusy flavour which works really well in this sour beer. Yesterday Johanna and Lisa from Drop Coffee were here, delivering the coffee and tasting the pilot beer which they liked a lot. The beer will be ready in about four weeks and out in pubs and restaurants in Stockholm, keep an eye out for it.

Last but not least, thanks to Reggev Hummus for the food last week and thanks to all of you who came and hung out. This Friday Jonna from Eat with Jonna is bringing her tasty smörrebröd down to the brewery. Doors open from 17-21, welcome!

Bolivian coffee Rodriguez

Johanna and Lisa delivering c

Rodriguez from Drop Coffee

Soon to be Coffee Sour