Week 11 - New record night at the brewpub

Last Friday the queue to the bar was half way through the brewery. So nice to see so many of you and please come again and bring your friends. The more the merrier! Brewpub again this Friday with food from Katarina Ölkafé.

Some of you may have tasted our new One off beer Fatöl at the Brewpub. It's a beer that is halfway between a lager and an ale, brewed with a clean ale yeast and fermented at a lower temperature than a conventional ale for a more crisp and clean flavour. It is hopped with classic German hops varieties and designed to pair effortlessly with food. The beer was brewed with Mathias Dahlgrens new vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga in mind and it's also one of the places you can find the beer in.

We're also glad to announce that spring is coming and we're making Hallon Sour again! 

Have a great week!

Uploaded by Mirjam Pettersson on 2017-03-15.