Week 7 - Rocky, Beavertown and Brew By Numbers

Thanks to Spritmuseum and Martin Kellerman for a nice collaboration. The Rocky Saison is now available at Spritmuseum and only at Spritmuseum so I suggest that you pop by and try the beer and have a look at the fantastic Rocky exhibition.

The new brew kit is working as it should, keeping our brewers jolly and happy. And soon they will be in London celebrating Beavertown's fifth birthday! If you recall, our head brewer Tom went there in November and brewed a brett IPA with lots of US hops and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertauer Blanc. This one, and four other beers will be released at the Five Go To Beavertown on Saturday. We're happy to be a part of the celebrations of this great, innovative brewery.

Whilst in London we're doing another collaboration, this time with Brew By Numbers. Find out more about this on Monday.

No brewpub this week or next week because of the Five Go To Beavertown and Uppsala Beer and Whisky Festival. Back again on the 3rd of February. Have a great Valentine's Day and be nice to your loved ones.

Mimmi and Maria at Spritmuseum

Mimmi and Maria at Spritmuseum