Week 42 - Dark Mild, Södermalm Sour & What's Brewing

So we did a new beer, a Dark Mild, 4%. It's a British session beer style and like it's name suggest it has a low level of hops character. Abv is usually between 2-4% and the carbonation is also low. Our Dark Mild is slightly higher in carbonation and also a tiny bit dry-hopped which contributes to the fruitiness of the beer more than the bitterness. It's fruity, with hints of nuts, dark coffee and burned sugar.


Our table beer version of a Berliner Weisse style ale, Södermalm Sour 1,9% is back again after a shorter break. Crisp, light, sour and low in alcohol.

20171011_123447 (1).jpg

Tomorrow Tomas and Albin will fly over to Bergen to brew together with Helge and Torvald from 7 Fjäll Bryggeri. On Thursday they will drive down together to Stavanger and What's Brewing to meet some fellow comrades. Click here to read more about the festival.