Week 6 - Stockholm Brewing Co. goes to Portland and Miami

This week our head brewer Michel and the Stockholm Brewers Fest team are off to Portland to visite some breweries and brew some beers. First stop is Cascade Brewing where we're making the official Stockholm Brewers Festival 2018 (and 2019!) beer. Something with elderflower and something with plums is planned in but more details later on.


Next week Michel will meet and brew with the guys from New Belgium, another collaboration we very much looking forward to taste! The time in between will be carefully spent tasting as many beers in as many breweries and tap rooms as possible, going to ishockey games and perhaps a fishing trip.


Meanwhile Michel's doing Portland our Head of stuff-Tomas will be pouring our beer at the Wake Fest in sunny Miami. The Wake Fest is the J. Wakefield Brewing three year anniversary festival with over a hundred local, national and internationally known breweries. 

J. wakefield.jpg

Follow us on Instagram and FB for pictures and details from the USA trip.

Week 3 - New brewery, new restaurant!!

It's finally official, papers are signed  - we're building a new brewery with tap room and restaurant. After almost a year of looking around for the perfect place we're now glad to say that we're moving to Gärdet in September. During spring and summer 2018 we will together with Stockholms Hamnar renovate a 860 square meter space in an old brick building in Frihamnen.

The new place will give us opportunity to expand, something that's not possible for us in our currant space on Södermalm. Since we haven't been able to have our brewpub open for the last 6 months we're now very much looking forward to be able to open the doors to our very own restaurant and bar.

The plan is to move in September and hopefully open in the beginning of October. It's going to be a fun and exiting year! For news and updates,  follow us on Instagram  and FB.


Week 2 - Paris trip, beer tasting and first beer of the year

We started the new year by taking our Hop Hound to Paris.


Tomas went to visit a few importers and to meet and discuss future collabs with the Paris based brewery Gallia Paris.  Looking forward going back there for Paris Beer Week in June!


Back in Stockholm we're botteling the first beer of the new year. We decided to do another batch of seasonal beer Elderflower Sour because it's that good.


Next Monday (15th) we want to welcome all trade people to a beer tasting of our new beers. Our sister company WINE TRADE are having their annual Taste the Terroir tasting and we will be there with beers as well. The tasting is at Restaurang AG and doors open from 11-16. R.S.V.P. to maria@winetrade.se See event here.

Week 51 - Happy Holidays

Just in time for Christmas we're botteling this new red coloured Cellar Series beer, a saison aged in French oak barrels for no less than two years (!) and then further fermented with grapes (mostly Nordica) from Rosendals Trädgård. It will now bottle condition and develope more character and funk for at least three month, hopefully to be ready to drink in March or April.


To sum it up - 2017 has been a year with a lot of great beer festivals, fun collaborations, new beers and new beer styles, tap takeovers, beer makers dinners, and brewpubs on tour. Now we're taking a well earned brake during the holidays but will be back in January to tell you all about our new plans for 2018. Merry Christmas! 

Week 48 - Movember at Clarion and "Hear hear to ONE year" at Folk & Friends

Again, big thanks to Lådan for hosting our brewpub last Thursday. Hopefully we can continue with these events after Christmas as well.


This week we're brewing a new batch of the Elderflower Sour. We finally got our hands on some flowers (not the easiest to find in the end of November) and so we're looking forward to start the new year with a fresh batch the Elder Sour. Mean while we're packaging another sour beer this Friday, a classic Gose 4,5% with unrefined sea salt and coriander seeds. Tart and salty and refreshing.

On Thursday we will be at Clarion Hotel trimming our beards and drinking our beers. 10 kr of every sold Stockholm Brewing Co. beer at Clarion will go the Movember Foundation. After work and free beard trimming on Thursday at 17, see event here.


On Saturday and Sunday our friends at Folk & Friends will celebrate their 1 year anniverary. We have of course brewed a beer together with them to celebrate the big day. Folk with berriefits is a Kettle Sour with lingonberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. Swing by and try it, we will! Hear hear to ONE year!

Folk with Berriefits

Folk with Berriefits

Next week Tuesday we're doing a Beer Makers Dinners with the fabulous Björn Frantzén restaurant Flying Elk. Five beers, five courses! Limited seatings so make your reservation soon. See event here.

Next week Wednesday it's time for an East Coast vs West Coast battle at Mikkeller bar, Stockholm. Stockholm Brewing Co. vs Beerbliotek. Stockholm peeps, come and support your local brewery! (Please and thank you!).

Week 47 - Södermalm DIPA & Brewpub at Lådan

Big thanks to Bistroteket and to all of you who came to the beer makers dinner last Thursday.

Beer makers dinner at Bistroteket

Beer makers dinner at Bistroteket


We're really pleased with the new batch of The Grape Escape. We released it last Friday and you can find it at least at the following places: Brewdog Södermalm, Katarina Ölkafé, Whitmans Deli, Ica Ölbaren (Folkungagatan), Flippin Burgers, Lådan, Bishops Arms (S:t Eriksgatan, Vasagatan, Bellmansgatan).

The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape

Last Friday we also shipped our first two pallets of beer to Belgium. To sell our beer to the motherland of great beer is reaching a milestone for us!

This week we have another new beer coming out: Södermalm DIPA, the newest edition to the Södermalm-series. A dubble IPA 8%, dry and hoppy and strong, just like it should be. Watch out for this one!


On Thursday it's time for the Brewpub at Lådan again. We will of course bring with us The Grape Escape and Södermalm DIPA and hopefully also the newest edition to our Cellar Series: the Klackabacken collaboration beer, a tart Saison with organic apples, aged in oak barrels. Doors open from 17-22, see event here.

Another event coming up is the Let's Go MO! at Clarion Hotel Skanstull. During the whole of November they have been and are donating 10kr of every sold Stockholm Brewing Co. beer to the Movember Foundation to support their fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men's mental illness. See event here and join us for a After Work and perhaps a free beard trim.


Week 46 - Beer makers dinner at Bistroteket & The Grape Escape

The collaboration brew with Örebro Brygghus went well and we're looking forward to getting this modern hoppy European lager out and about. The Oyster Porter that we brewed at their place is tasting good and will be ready in a couple of weeks.


Big thanks to our dear friends at Lådan for letting us take over their taps together with Örebro Brygghus on Saturday. What a great place to hang out, drink beer and eat some high quality street food! And next week Thursday it's time for us to have the Brewpub there again (see event here).

This Thursday we're having a Beer Makers Dinner at Bistroteket. Five dishes paired together with five of our beers and then an extra special treat on top of that! Head brewer Michel will be there to tell you about the beers and the brewing process. Reservations at 08-641 12 00 or at kontakt@bistroteket.se. See event here.

On Friday we're kegging the Grape Escape. The idea of making a really juicy grapefruit IPA brewed with zest and freshly squeezed juice from 200 pink grapefruits was developed by our former brewer Tom, our head of stuff-Tomas and a few members of the Bishops Arms crew. It turned out to be a really awesome beer and so now we're doing it again. Premiere for this beer is on Friday at different beer places in Stockholm (list will follow on Instagram).

The Grape Escape is back!

The Grape Escape is back!

On the same day Tomas will be heading out to Switzerland for a Tap takeover at The International Beer Bar in Zürich, and on Saturday he'll be brewing together with White Frontier in Martigny and then have a Tap takeover at their brewpub. 

Week 45 - Collab with Örebro Brygghus and some up coming events

Thank you All In team (Lina, Pelle, Victor) for yet another great festival! 

Picture by  Image Jeff Flint

Picture by Image Jeff Flint

This week we're packaging the new batch of Stockholm Noir, our annual dark beer. This years version is a 8,4% Imperial Stout, brewed with alot of oats for a bigger mouthfeel. Available in both kegs and bottles.

On Friday we'll be brewing together with our friends from Örebro Brygghus, this time at our place. A modern European lager is on the brew schedule. On Saturday we will together take over the taps at Lådan. 10 taps per brewery and we promise you, it will be a perfect mix of new, stuff, core stuff, hoppy stuff, sour stuff, light and dark stuff.

Lådan opens at 12 and the beers will be on from opening hours, the brewers will be there from 18. Check the event here.


Next week Thursday (yes, we know it's the Beaujolais Nouveau day but we choose beer over wine) we're doing a beer makers dinner at Bistroteket. A five course dinner pared with five of ours beers. Make your reservation to Bistroteket at 08 641 12 00. 

Week 44 - Brewpub at Lådan up and running

We're very happy to have such good friends that invite us to have our brewpub at their awesome place Lådan. Last Thursday was the first time and we're really pleased that so many of you showed up. The plan is to have the brewpub there once a month on a Thursday and the next date will be 23/11. Check the event here.

Brewpub @ Lådan

Brewpub @ Lådan

Last Friday the brew team went to brew an oyster beer together with the nice gang at Örebro Brygghus. Dark, full and chocolatey with a touch of sea, sounds pretty good! In the evening they had a Tap takeover at Örebro Ölcafé. Big thanks to Örebro Brygghus and Örebro Ölcafé for the warm hospitality. Next Friday Örebro Brygghus will come to our place to brew a hoppy lager and on Saturday (11/11) we will together take over the taps at Lådan under the event: Twice as Nice Tap Takover”!

20171027_101839 (1).jpg

This week it's time for All in Beer Fest i Gothenburg. We're looking forward to meet some great colleagues and beer enthusiasts there. Get your tickets here.

Week 42 - Dark Mild, Södermalm Sour & What's Brewing

So we did a new beer, a Dark Mild, 4%. It's a British session beer style and like it's name suggest it has a low level of hops character. Abv is usually between 2-4% and the carbonation is also low. Our Dark Mild is slightly higher in carbonation and also a tiny bit dry-hopped which contributes to the fruitiness of the beer more than the bitterness. It's fruity, with hints of nuts, dark coffee and burned sugar.


Our table beer version of a Berliner Weisse style ale, Södermalm Sour 1,9% is back again after a shorter break. Crisp, light, sour and low in alcohol.

20171011_123447 (1).jpg

Tomorrow Tomas and Albin will fly over to Bergen to brew together with Helge and Torvald from 7 Fjäll Bryggeri. On Thursday they will drive down together to Stavanger and What's Brewing to meet some fellow comrades. Click here to read more about the festival.


Week 40 - MC Emmer

What a joyful night at Katarina Ölkafé last Friday! Shiny happy people and lots of beer, thank you Katarina staff and thank you to all who came.

Also thanks to everybody at Restaurang Sensum for the lovely Smørrebrødsfesten. Due to sickness we couldn't be there pouring our beers our selves but I've heard they managed great without us. Just sorry to miss it!

This week we're packaging new beer Emmertime, collaboration brew with Other Half, a 6% NEIPA brewed with emmer and hopped with citra, mosaic and hull melon. Our amazing friends at KUF design have made these fantastic paper dolls of not just the MC Emmer guy but also of our Head brewer Michel and Other Half Sam! We're therefore having a competition where you can design your own MC Emmer doll (analog or digital). Go to our homepage www.stockholmbrewing.com/emmertime for more information about the competition. Deadline is Friday 13/10 and the prize will be a special designed T-shirt!


The launch party will be at Brewdog Södermalm on Friday (6/10) door open at 14.00. The beer will also be available the same day from 17.00 at beer places around Stockholm, Örebro and Uppsala.