Week 42 - Dark Mild, Södermalm Sour & What's Brewing

So we did a new beer, a Dark Mild, 4%. It's a British session beer style and like it's name suggest it has a low level of hops character. Abv is usually between 2-4% and the carbonation is also low. Our Dark Mild is slightly higher in carbonation and also a tiny bit dry-hopped which contributes to the fruitiness of the beer more than the bitterness. It's fruity, with hints of nuts, dark coffee and burned sugar.


Our table beer version of a Berliner Weisse style ale, Södermalm Sour 1,9% is back again after a shorter break. Crisp, light, sour and low in alcohol.

20171011_123447 (1).jpg

Tomorrow Tomas and Albin will fly over to Bergen to brew together with Helge and Torvald from 7 Fjäll Bryggeri. On Thursday they will drive down together to Stavanger and What's Brewing to meet some fellow comrades. Click here to read more about the festival.


Week 40 - MC Emmer

What a joyful night at Katarina Ölkafé last Friday! Shiny happy people and lots of beer, thank you Katarina staff and thank you to all who came.

Also thanks to everybody at Restaurang Sensum for the lovely Smørrebrødsfesten. Due to sickness we couldn't be there pouring our beers our selves but I've heard they managed great without us. Just sorry to miss it!

This week we're packaging new beer Emmertime, collaboration brew with Other Half, a 6% NEIPA brewed with emmer and hopped with citra, mosaic and hull melon. Our amazing friends at KUF design have made these fantastic paper dolls of not just the MC Emmer guy but also of our Head brewer Michel and Other Half Sam! We're therefore having a competition where you can design your own MC Emmer doll (analog or digital). Go to our homepage www.stockholmbrewing.com/emmertime for more information about the competition. Deadline is Friday 13/10 and the prize will be a special designed T-shirt!


The launch party will be at Brewdog Södermalm on Friday (6/10) door open at 14.00. The beer will also be available the same day from 17.00 at beer places around Stockholm, Örebro and Uppsala. 

Week 39 - Winebeer and stuff

Yesterday we got grape delivery from Rosendals Trädgård. The grapes (mostly Nordica variety) were put into a tank and mixed with a 2 year barrel-aged saison. No we will let the beer ferment for another two months with our house culture and the indigenous yeast from the grapes. This is a new interpretation of our former beers Cuvée Alexandria and Cuvée Rosendal. We have the same ingredients but instead of starting out with grape fermentation we have now added the grapes in the end.


Tomorrow it's time for the annual Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival. This year we're not going to have our own stand but you will find some of our beers along with wines from our sister company WINE TRADE at Proviant's pop-up restaurant.

On Friday we're having the Sample Sale at Katarina Ölkafé. It's basically a version of our own Friday after work brewpub but a bit smaller, more cozy and with no less than eight of our Cellar Series beers! Check the FB event for more info.


On Sunday you should come and eat delicious smørrebrød at Restaurang Sensum. We will be serving some beers and Helena from our sister company WINE TRADE will serve their lovely wines. Open from 13-20, drop-in or book a table here.

Restaurang Sensum.jpg

Next week Friday it's EMMERTIME at Brewdog Södermalm! Don't miss out on this one. Look out for more info on Instagram and FB soon.

Week 38 - Stockholm noir 2017 and upcoming events

Today we're brewing our annually dark beer. Stockholm Noir 2017 is going to be a thick dark and strong stout with a matching bitterness. A heavy dose of oat and wheat gives it a creamy texture. Stockholm Noir will be out and about in November.

As black as Michel's coffee!

As black as Michel's coffee!

Stockholm Noir 2017

Stockholm Noir 2017

We still haven't been able to open the doors to our Friday After Work brewpub but next week we're doing a Brewpub on Tour with our friends at Katarina Ölkafé. Seasonals, one offs, core beers and a lot of Cellar Series beers. Come and taste the last bottles of Super Saison, Nedward and Sour Cherry Saison de Brett! Friday the 29th of September at Katarina Ölkafé.

A limited edition of this t-shirt will be for sale on the 29th!

A limited edition of this t-shirt will be for sale on the 29th!

Sample Sale at Katarina Ölkafé

Sample Sale at Katarina Ölkafé

The Other Half collab is looking good and tasting even better. Beer release for Emmer Time will be at Brewdog Södermalm on Friday 6th of October, doors open from 14. Don't miss out!



For more info about up coming events, go to Brewpub/Events. 

Week 37 - New beer, new trainee and the Extravaganza experience

This week we are packaging two new beers. Today it's time for the Fläder Saison (6,2%), a rustic Saison brewed with dinkel wheat and elderflowers. We also used a French Saison yeast which gives the beer a more peppery, spicy and dry flavour.


On Thursday we're bottling the Klackabacken collaboration brew we did a year ago. It's a Saison mixed with apple juice from Klackabacken's own apple orchard. The beer has been aged in oak-barrels together with our house culture and will hopefully be ready to drink in the middle of November.


We would also like to present our new trainee Thomas Diefenhardt. He's doing his third year at the Technical University in Munich where he's studying Brewing & Beverage Technique. His favourite beer styles are Weissbier and Helleswill and his favorite beer from us is the Elderflower Sour. Thomas will be working with us for a month and we're very glad to have him on our team.


Last but definitely not least, some pictures from last weekend in London. We would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Logan, Sam, Lauren and all at Team Beaver for their efforts setting up the Beavertown Extravaganza. Really well organized, great volunteers, facilities, brewers' lounge and that after party.  Such a great effort for the first time and so much fun to hang out with all the great brewers and drink their delicious beers. 

See you next year!


Week 36 - Emmer Time & Extravaganza

Last week we had Sam from Other Half visiting us in the brewery and a New England style IPA was brewed. We used emmer, hopped it with Citra, Mosaic and Hull Melon and it's called Emmer Time. Thanks to Sam and his family for stopping by and welcome back whenever you're in town.

20170831_142208(0) (1).jpg

The bottle takeover at Flippin' Burgers was great fun and it's actually still taking place so hurry and go there if you haven't yet been.


On Friday it's time for Beavertown's first beer festival Extravaganza! We're very happy to be invited to this gathering of great craft breweries from all over the world. For updates of Michel's and Olly's Extravaganza adventures, follow us on Instagram.


Week 35 - Other Half collab, Flippin' bottle takeover and welcome back Michel!

A lot of fun things happening this week but first of all, big thanks to Marcus Hjalmarsson, the whole Brewskival team and all the visitors for making such a great festival last weekend. Amazing breweries from all over!!

This Monday we said welcome back to our head brewer Michel who's been on parental leave for almost a year now. Great to have you back! Also hats off to Albin, who's been managing the brew kit all by himself this month.

On Thursday Sam from Other Half will come down and brew with us. The Swedes In Heat, which we brewed at their place last spring, was a hit and so we're very exited to see what the brewers will come up with this time. Find out more on Instagram.

Another thing happening o Thursday is that you'll find just about all our beers at Flippin Burgers. They are kicking out their standard beer assortment for one week and replacing it with our beer. Flippin Burgers and we started out pretty much at the same time and we've been hanging out and working together ever sense, a relationship we value highly. The new burger of the month will be co-designed by us together with the head chef and you'll find us behind their bar on Friday from 11 until late. Hope to see many of you there!

The brew team

The brew team

Swedes in heat

Swedes in heat

Head brewer's back!

Head brewer's back!

Other Half Brewing in New York

Other Half Brewing in New York

Bottle takeover at Flippin' Burgers on Friday

Bottle takeover at Flippin' Burgers on Friday

Week 34 - Elderflower Sour, Neneh and Brewskival

Big thanks to Bishops Arms Folkungagatan for hosting From tap to tank, the release of our new beer Södermalm Session, and to Vintervikens Trädgård for a great Rub a Dub festival. 


Tomorrow it's finally time to package one of the elderflower beers that we've brewed. Elderflower Sour is a Berliner Weisse flavoured with elderflowers that we've picked in the parks around the brewery and dryhopped with a little bit of Citra, just to give the elderflower taste a lift. Available in both kegs and bottles.

On Friday we'll be attending Brewskival in Helsingborg. We really enjoyed the festival last year and are so looking forward to be there again this year. We're bringing two brand new beers with us, one is the Elderflower Sour and the other one is our new Cellar Series beer Neneh. Neneh is Nedward's younger sister. It's a dark sour, barrel-aged in Champagne barrels for a year and further three months with organic sour cherries. 

Week 33 - Events and Festivals coming up

So no brewpubs coming up but we do have some events and festival to look forward to. This Thursday we're releasing our new Södermalm Session (4,9%) at the From tap to tank event at Bishops Arms Folkungagatan. A light bodied, thirst quenching and fruity Session IPA, hopped with Citra and Mosaic and kegged just a few hours before. We're also bringing Sweet Mistress (a Salted Caramel Imperial Stout 9,4% which we brewed together with Sori Brewing in Tallin) and Stockholm Gold 4,2% (a light and crisp pale ale with fruity German and US hops).

On Saturday you'll find us pouring beer at the Rub-a-Dub festival at Vintervikens Trädgård. Great Reggae and Dancehall, food by Vintervikens Trädgård and beer by us. The perfect Saturday entertainment we say. Tickets at  https://billetto.se/en/e/vinterviken-rub-a-dub-tickets-195781

Next weekend (25-26/8) we're driving down to Helsingborg and Brewskival and two weeks after that (8-9/9) it's time for Beavertown's Extravaganza in London. And more coming up in October and November (we're working on an event schedule for our homepage).


From Tank To Tap at Bishops Folkungagatan

From Tank To Tap at Bishops Folkungagatan

Vinterviken Rub a Dub

Vinterviken Rub a Dub







Week 32 - Brewpub on hold

A couple of years ago, Stockholm Brewing Co. took the Stockholm Council to court to win the right to serve samples of beer direct to the public at our brewery, as per European law. This was both aimed at facilitating the public's access to our beers but also for the beer industry in Sweden, as a test case. We won and the rest is history.

Over the last two years, thousands of people have swung by on Friday After Works to drink some fresh and local beer, more or less straight from the brew tank. It has also been a great opportunity for us to work together with local chefs and restaurants who has been taking over the kitchen and serving awesome food to match our beers.

We've really enjoyed having direct contact with our customers and together we've achieved something very special. Unfortunately, we are having creative differences with our landlords and for this reason, the brewpub is on hold until further notice.

However, you can still drink our beer very locally to the brewery at the following places: Brewdog Södermalm, Bleck, The Plant, Fäviken Korvkiosk, Katarina Ölkafe, Whitman's Deli, Reggev Hummus, Lily's Burgers, Urban Deli, Bistroteket, Indio Kitchen and Bishops Arms Folkungagatan amongst other. We also have festivals, events and tap takeover planned in during the fall and we hope that you'll come and meet us there (dates and more info coming up on FB and Instagram). 

Week 27 - Thanks to

So fun to see so many of you last Friday. A big thanks to all of you beer lovers who have been joining us for Friday after works and making the brewpub what it is today. Meeting you face to face and talk about what we love is important to us and we hope we will see you again in August. Also a big thank you to all of our dear friends (especially Katarina Ölkafé,  Reggev Hummus and Whitmans Deli) who have been feeding us and our guests with amazing food, let's keep on working together!

The brewpub will be back again on August 11th with new beers and food from Hummus Reggev. Check the calendar for more brewpub dates in the autumn.

This Friday on the 7th of July we're releasing 10 000 bottles of our favorit fox beer at Systembolaget (thank you Marcus Gunnar for the label!). Hallon Sour will be available in stores all over Sweden. Check here to find which store is closest to you or be ready to order in webshop at 10.00 the same day.

News blog will take a 3 weeks break but you can follow us on Instagram for updates. Have a nice summer!


Week 26 - Last brewpub before summer break

It's soon July and time for summer holidays. The brewery will keep on pumping out beer but we're taking a five week break from the brewpub after this Friday, back again on the 11th of August.

Mauritz and Agnes from Karshamra mat och trädgård will be delivering this seasons first vegetables bag. Read more about what they do and how you can order your vegetables from them here or even better, come down and speak to them directly at the brewery. Doors open from 17-21, food from Whitmans Deli. Welcome!

Karshamra vegetables are the best!

Karshamra vegetables are the best!