Designed to be drinkable, balanced and flavourful. Often classic in style, yet with a modern feel.
We offer these beers all year around. 


Hop hound

A light and refreshing Session IPA, packed with our favourite citrusy American hops.
4,7 %.


Saison d'etre

One of our first beers, and one which set the tone of our approach to brewing. Classic in style and very drinkable, with Belgian yeast character, light body and a lingering bitterness.
5 %.



India pale ale

English in style with an orange marmalade hop character and a pronounced malt flavour. A well balanced IPA designed to pair easily with food.
6 %


Stockholm Lager

German-style Pilsner with nobel hops. Fermented at low temperature before maturing in cold storage.
5 %.


Södermalm Sour

Low in alcohol, rich in flavour. Light, sour and complex.
1,9 %.