We very much enjoy working with other breweries, restaurants and producers. We think it's a great way to learn and develop our knowledge of special ingredients and different styles of beers.   



Collaboration with Other Half, a New England IPA brewed with emmer and hopped with citra, mosaic and hull melon. 6%


Sweet mistress barrel-aged version

Salted caramel imperial stout, barrel-aged in brandy barrels. Brewed in Tallin together with Sori Brewing. 10.4%


sweet mistress

Salted caramel imperial stout, brewed in Tallin together with Sori Brewing.  9,4%


Saison with Oyster & Kombu

A celebration of ocean ingredients. Saison brewed with freshly shucked Dorset oysters and kombu (seaweed). Brewed in London together with Brew By Numbers. 5,5%

Drop Coffee Sour


A dark sour beer with roasted malt and Bolivian coffee La Linda from our friends at Drop Coffee. 3,5%